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Including Apartment, Coops and Condo Insurance

                 Compare, Buy and Save!

       Buying your dream home is one of the single, largest              
investments that you would have to ever make. You would need to     
 protect that investment, therefore, your main strategy of defense is      
                                homeowners insurance.

      Many standard homeowners insurance policies will                       
provide  coverage for damage to your home and items in your              
                            home caused by:

1.    Theft

                             2.    Fire and lightening

                             3.    Smoke

                             4.    Ice and snow

                             5.    Frozen pipes

  Homeowners insurance includes coverage for liability claims,        
medical payments to third parties and legal costs if a lawsuit is             
  brought against you. The most common amount of liability                  
   coverage included in a homeowners policy is $100,000, but                 
depending on your circumstances, you may need much more.
Money Savers
You may be qualified for   
lower insurance premiums  
  under certain conditions.   
Inform   your insurance        
     company if:

1. Your house is new

2. It is near a fire                     
   department or hydrant

3. Your house is built out     
   of fire-resistant materials

4. Or if you get your auto     
   insurance from the same   
What's Not Covered
It's important that you read your homeowners
insurance policies to find out what is not
covered. Damages caused by nuclear accident,
act of war, flood, earthquake and terrorism are
not included in most insurers. You would be
able to buy special policies or endorsements
that will cover these events. For high-priced
items such as, diamond rings, watches, antiques
and other valuables, additional endorsements
are needed. It's best that you find out the cost to
rebuild your home and consider insuring your
home for that amount.
Value Your Property
1. The actual cash value pays you an amount
which is equivalent to the replacement value of
the property. This does not include depreciation
for the years you owned the house.

2. Replacement cost, which is more expensive,
but it pays you the full value of the house at
today's value
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